It began in Nicaragua…

After spending the last year living and working in Honduras, I headed south with my dear friend Alex to do some exploring after school got out in June. We waltzed out of Gracias in the mañanita and set our sights on Granada, Nicaragua (after a short, but still excellent, stop in Tegucigalpa). We stayed in Granada a couple days and then hopped a ferry to La Isla de Omotepe– an island in lake Nicaragua that I was ready to stay on forever. Isla de Omotepe is home to two very large, active volcanos (Maderas and Concepcíon) and we stayed at a beautifully wild place called Little Morgan’s tucked right beneath them. We got up one morning (earlier than either of us really wanted to) to hike Maderas, the smaller of the two volcanoes. The entire trek felt like being on an Indiana Jones-esque treasure hunt–trudging through thick, green jungle in the rain and mud. We made fast friends with some future doctors and shared a few late nights with them before parting ways to head for San Juan Del Sur–a little surf town on the pacific coast. If I were to move to Nicaragua, I would make San Juan del Sur my home base, passing my evenings watching sunsets on the beach with a glass of Flor de Caña in hand. I fell head over heels for Nicaragua and can’t wait to go back…


Sunset in San Juan Del Sur


En Route to Volcano Island


Boat Ride DSCN3672

Lake NicaraguaDSCN3707

Concepcíon from Little Morgan’sDSCN3719

San Juan Del Sur

DSCN3729 ColorFound Flower


Poste Rojo

Sometimes we forget to see that each day breathes beauty. I’ve found that in these blind, forgetful times the wind whispers secrets that carry us to places where we are reminded to look. Poste Rojo was just such a secret.
Swing TimeDecorationsThe KeySeth

Time spent here felt like a gift, a secret hideout with an ever rotating kaleidoscope of  characters, each a beautifully worn soul with mountains of stories to share. All the right pieces fell together while swinging mornings by in a hammock, and rambling late into the evenings with former strangers. I felt like myself in this treehouse, like I could have stayed tucked away in the jungle in Nicaragua for a lifetime. How sweet it is to feel at home when home is half a world away.