Fire Paintings (my friends rule).

I’ve been given many gifts in my life, but none do I cherish more than the wide array of seriously¬†incredible¬†friends that life has handed me. They are deeply passionate, ceaselessly¬†thoughtful, and so wildly talented that I can’t help but smile to myself in amazement that they, somehow, crossed my path and chose to hold on to me. Lucky doesn’t even begin to cover it, especially when you consider that whenever I ask ANY of these friends to help me make art they rise to the occasion in big, beautiful ways. Luckier still, one of the friends who helped me make these images is my brother. Sometimes I think my life is just too good…




Schavietello, Sydney_Night1

Having friends and family that are willing to set themselves on fire for your art, either with flames or whatever other brilliance they bring to the table, is something pretty special. I don’t know why they do it, but I love them for it endlessly.

As for the fire paintings? I consider those a bonus.

Cheers, Friends (all of you, all over the world…)