Another Day in Neverland

Every day I awake and step into a dream. Today was no different. A friend of mine had asked me to join him for lunch with a family he is very close to out in the aldeas. Little did I know I would be whisked away into an entirely different world where everything moved slower, and things were far simpler. The afternoon was blissful, the boys and I set out into the woods around the house where we searched for mushrooms, chewed sugar cane, watched the birds, plucked fresh oranges from their trees to eat and breathed in the simple joy of being tucked away from the world. I felt like one of Peter Pan’s lost boys, wandering here and there without a single worry or stress. When we grew weary of meandering, we returned to the house where their abuela had made a delicious soup.

Today was truly a gift. Tonight I will dream of the fields, woods, and rivers of these aldeas.


3 thoughts on “Another Day in Neverland

  1. I miss you and think about you all the time…but then I remember what an amazing life you are living and how many wonderful people you’re meeting and places you’ll go. Life through your eyes is so inspiring and your contagious love for the world and the people in it bring joy and warmth to all you touch. Be safe and continue changing the world!

  2. Oh honey once again you capture the moment and bring it to life for those of us who follow your exploites. The picture of the mushroom is magnificent and the sentiment in you prose is perfect. You are so precious my child. Love Dad

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