Technicolor Tone Factory at the Boulder Theatre

As you likely already know, I am the lucky lady who gets to call herself the photographer for the highly skilled and dashingly handsome group of musicians known as Technicolor Tone Factory. I sadly won’t be able to photograph them this year, as I am in Honduras and they are back in Colorado doing what they do best. Fortunately I got to catch up with them a couple times before I left, and these photos were the result. It has taken me nearly a month to finish them, namely because I picked up and moved to Central America before I got around to editing them. But now that they are finished I am quite proud of them, and am anxious to hear what my boys accomplish in the year I’ll be away from their beautifully creative souls.

These gentlemen have inspired some of my favorite art with their performances and personalities. Their dreams are as big as the sky, and I am so lucky to have them in my life. I’ll miss them dearly this year, and can’t wait to jump back into their circus when I get home.


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