Slowing Down For The Details

This past week I’ve been focusing on taking time to breathe in all the things around me, and soaking up the details that often get swept over in the mad whirl of day-to-day life. I’m amazed by all the beauty that I’m continually surrounded by that I often foolishly overlook. Slowing down these past few days has been quite a refreshing reminder that taking a simple second to stop can have beautiful rewards.


3 thoughts on “Slowing Down For The Details

  1. I love your website. Well done, young lady! I am entranced by the Honduras photos…especially the boats on the river…strikes some cord in my innards that resonates with that image. Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through you. A picture may be worth a thousand words…but some pictures are so beyond words that they compel the observer beyond themselves through a window to the infinite…limited only by their own imagination…an invitation to a daydream. Thank you.

    1. Juan,
      Thank you for the kind words! It’s always a joy to hear that my passion for photography can have such a profound effect on somebody else…it makes it all worth while!
      Thank you, thank you thank you!

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