Little Man Maclain

Meet Maclain-a bouncy little boy who loves Buzz Lightyear, his lamby, and mom’s homemade bread. He’s also days away from being a big brother, which is exciting to say the least. Maclain and his entire family have stolen my heart. Please feel free to swoon over how stinking cute this kid is. I certainly do…

He’s slowly deciding that we can be friends, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s easy to see that this life is full of miraculous possibilities when you’re looking through eyes like Maclain’s. I can’t thank the Ehrlich family enough for letting me be a part of his little world for an afternoon!


2 thoughts on “Little Man Maclain

  1. I’m actually Maclain’s real-life “lammy” (that’s what I’m called as grandmother) and these pictures are awesome. We’ll be visiting for month of July and we’d love you to take some family pictures.

  2. Sydney Schavietello! I’m having much fun browsing through your photography website. These shots are adorable- you really captured this little one’s personality well.

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